SCHLÜTER Planung und Projektentwicklung GmbH consists of a team of certified architects with long-term experience in all phases according to HOAI.

The works are technically supported by the CAD-Software of Nemetschek Allplan. Our architectural services are realized at the highest level. To expand its range of services SCHLÜTER Planung und Projektentwicklung GmbH offers the possibility to implement own developments as well as to support and successfully realize developments for investors.

Our working method guarantees to our clients that we preserve and develop the combination of independent thinking, integrated project management and a personal relationship to the client. Always to the benefit of our project partners and clients.

The development of an undeveloped or the realisation of existing property offers the chance of optimal economic utilisation of an available property area. We are experienced in the construction of retail units, mixed-use residential and commercial properties, welfare institutions, health care facilities, development of building land, reutilisation of vacant areas or the revitalisation of industrial wasteland. All of this requires market know how, a good cooperation with the decision-makers such as municipalities or property development companies and last, but not least, contacts to the new users of the properties.

We are not keen on half measures. Whether listed property, refurbishment of a residential complex or modern defective new building: basic renovation work or the elimination of building defects and damages is part of our daily work. Here we have considerable experience by integrating all trades, and we have a team of best qualified experts.

This enables us to offer a complete service to our customers from one source. This includes the identification of defects, the determination of cause, the registration and development of a renovation proposal, budgeting, tender, awarding negotiations, construction management, as well as building inspection and warranty management.

In order to evaluate the sustainability of a building, different certification systems have been developed for approximately 25 years. SCHLÜTER Planung und Projektentwicklung GmbH is working with the three most important and proven systems in Europe, that is LEED, BREEAM and DGNB. There is an ever growing demand for these sustainability labels by developers, investors as well as by owner occupiers and tenants. The German DGNB, the youngest of these three systems, even adds to this technical and social criteria. The labels have been aligned in a lot of respects over time, though keeping market and object specific characteristics.

Which is the right certification system? Which system is the most appropriate for a project depends on the individual case. Decisive for the choice of system are marketing factors – who are the purchasers or tenants? – or factors of the property category and priorities concerning the investment targets: Is the target to enhance the image? Have the energy costs to be kept low? Is the life cycle of the building involved or are health aspects a major concern? On a large base of diverse issues our sustainability experts determine and recommend the respective optimum certificate.